Asians culture are ingrained to eat White Rice for thousands of years: It's not good for health

In a study done by Emily A Hu et al, conducted in 2012 published in The British Medical Journal, they did a meta-analysis of 4 prospective cohort study. Such a wonderfully done scientific studies from 4 excellent prospective cohort studies.

English please!!! It simply mean this is a collective analysis of 4 very good and well designed research looking into the effect of white rice and risk of getting KENCING MANIS (Diabetes Mellitus)

Diabetes ARE VERY COMMON in Malaysia & DEADLY

Imagine it's only 0.03% of Malaysians have contracted COVID-19, and it is considered deadly thant overall mortality worldwide is considered around 5%. Means 5 out of 100 people get COVID-19 will eventually die.

DIABETES in Malaysia is very common, 10% out of Malaysia population has Diabetes. While another 10% considered a "Pre-diabetes", means you gonna have diabetes soon within 5 years or so if you dont take care of your health. In a certain higher risk group, it can go up to 20-30% can have diabetes.

While COVID-19 have 5% mortality rate, Diabetes which highest contributor for cardiovascular disease, have 35% mortality rate

The more White Rice you eat, the higher chances you will get DIABETES

Emily, in 2012, shown in Matematical Correlation function, it shows increasing amount of Rice will lead to ever increasing chances of getting Diabetes, regardless of body shape, weight or family inheritance.

Whats the cut-off when the risk becomes proportionally higher? 300 GRAMS of COOKED WHITE RICE PER DAY

Eastern vs Western culture

They concluded that “higher white rice consumption was associated with a significantly elevated risk of type 2 diabetes”
Even in the Western countries, it shows the correlation of higher white rice consumption will lead to higher risk of getting DIABETES, but this is more pronounced and more dangerous in the Eastern countries, like us.
In the sub-group analysis focusing ONLY in Asian population, it is estimated that a huge 50% increased risk of getting diabetes mellitus if you consistently consuming too much rice per day, in the 3 big asian studies, the average definition of high consumption is 500gram per day.
Imagine you put the rice 3 times a day, and a standard 1 cup is about 200gram.
When you consume 3x per day. it will get to 600 gran per day. Even if you eat 2x/day white rice BUT if you consume too much, it will cause you to have a higher and higher risk of getting diabetes mellitus (DM)

How does a 300grams of Cooked White Rice looks like?

The picture i included is your typical cup, also called "1 metric cup", a standard cup you use at home.

This cup full of rice equivalent to 200GRAMSs of COOKED WHITE RICE

Imagine, try eating about 1.5 cup of White rice per day? Can you do it?


Too much of white rice intake probably can kill you in the long run, but why?
  • Too much WHITE RICE will lead to
    EXCESS CALORIES which will turn into FAT
    • Per gram of rice will be equivalent to 1 kcal produced for you.
    • The thing that most people dont know is, if you dont immediately use the excess carbohydrate eaten,
  • White rice has a high glycemic index carbohydrate means that its absorbed very fast from the stomach & intestine and quickly converted into glucose in matter of 2-4 hours.
    • White Rice basically a sugar in a slightly complex form.


  • Too much WHITE RICE is BAD
  • Try eat maximum of 300 grams per day
  • Practice for at least 14 days with force, it will become your habit, once its a habit, its easier to continue
  • White Rice, Sugar, Excess Carb like bread, cake, donuts are all BAD
  • It will lead to DIabetes, more so if you are a high risk group
  • Diabetes = Difficult Life, Higher chances of dying, More medications to take, a lot of limitations on life
  • ITS A SECRET KILLER: it kills you slowly, over long period of time, usually more than 10 years, before you know it, your body already damaged by Diabetes that you dont even know you have it! SCARY....


We know that Combined Diet & Exercise is the right way to go, but what does the scientific evidence say?

In 2015, David Johns published a Meta Analysis of a Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) in the Journal of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and this particular research have been cited many times over and over again.
For those of you who dont know, Meta Analysis of RCT is basically one of the highest level of scientific evidence we have in terms of biomedical population based research.
Simply means damn good scientific evidence
It focuses on which one is the best at losing weight alone; Diet / Exercise / Combined.
A total of 1300+ participants with average BMI of 35 in the meta-analysis
In short, they found out that COMBINED diet & exercise ; Body Weight Management Program (BWMP) is the best at long term weight reduction at 12 month period and above

Controlling your diet is really, really important

However, When you look closely at the RCTs included and the analysis done, you will realized that DIET is the most important aspect, because
Combined (BWMP) versus DIET only has the SAME effect of weight reduction at 3-6 months time period
This means that, if you control your diet only, or if you do both diet and exercise, you may achieve almost similar result
When looking at longer term, 12 months or more, thats when adding exercise to diet found to be SLIGHTLY beneficial to cause more weight loss compared to DIET ALONE

It is pointless to Exercise ONLY without controlling your Diet (to lose weight)

If you only Exercise and not controlling your diet intake, your weight reduction will not be as good as if you COMBO both control diet & Exercise
This has been shown that when you COMBO diet+exercise, you will reduce your weight 6 Times (yes 6x !!) more at both short and long term compared to when you are exercising alone!
Thus just by Exercising alone and not cutting down your daily calorie intake, will not bring your weight down fast & sustainable enough

It seems that Exercise alone is pointless but Exercise IS VERY IMPORTANT

Although Exercise is not effective at weight reduction BUT it is THE MOST IMPORTANT to build & maintain your cardiorespiratory fitness to reduce your risk of diseases/illness
Dont have False Assurance of being healthy just because your BMI is NORMAL!
Even if you are KURUS(thin) with NORMAL BMI, You are at risk of diseases/illness if you dont take care of your DIET and Dont Exercise

The Conclusion

Conclusion is, It is pointless to do exercises without controlling your diet since scientifically it have been proven that Controlling Diet is the most important aspect in LOSING WEIGHT.
It will be even better if you are adding exercises regime to your diet control.
sure DIET can reduce your weight effectively, but a much better way is to transform you LIFESTYLE altogether & that will involve a DEEP change of mindset of everything you see, smell, taste and perceive!
One of the biggest problem in losing weight is the rebound weight gain after certain time and those close to me surely know i have that problem before and i intend to maintain my newly changed lifestyle FOR EVER starting NOW.

Mixing Baja AB: The Magical Fertilizer

Liquid fertilizer or commonly known in Malaysia gardening scene as “Baja AB” is a versatile fertilizer that are central to many modern technique of gardening namely Hydroponics of different varieties, Fertigation system, or even for soil-based traditional farming

There are plenty of specific types which have many different components but the 2 most common are one meant for “Leafy” plants (not producing fruits such are the common vegetables) and “Fruity” plants (meant for fruiting plants like tomato, chilli, cucumber etc)

I have used a lot of different brands but now im fixed on using Baja AB for Leafy from and Baja AB for Fruity (generic no brand) from local hydroponic store in Tuaran

This is the actual Baja AB that i usually used for “Leafy” plants bought in Shoppee at RM15

The Ultimate Aim is this 2kg (1kg A & 1kg B) will produce diluted 3200 L of liquid fertilizer

1. Creating concentrated liquid form of Baja AB

From the concentrated mixture, you will create an endless infinty amount of Baja AB to be used for actual growing

Choose your intended amount of diluent volume to create the concentrated form of liquid Baja AB from its powder form

You can choose 4L, 6L, 8L and so on, the more the better as it allows more uniform mixing

What i did was i took 2 x 1.5L bottle & put tap water inside it, and pour it inside a small bucket. So i got 3L of water & mix whole of Baja A powder in it. Thus i got Concentrated Baja A in liquid form. Mix it thoroughly so it will be dissolved fully. Then pour back into the 1.5L bottle x2 so it become your concentrated Baja A.

Repeat this for Baja B using another set of 2x 1.5L bottle. Remember, the more water you use for this concentrated Baja AB, the better it is because of uniform mixing, but the same amount must be used for both A & B.

when you mix Baja AB to become one bottle of A and one bottle of B. dont forget to add the small pack of powder inside each A and B. many of my friends kept forgotting it

This concentrated fertilizer cannot be exposed to sunlight for extended hours, once you use it to mix to create the diluted liquid fertilizer, store the “concentrated” form back inside your house.

And then now i have 2 bottle of A and 2 bottle of B.

If you want to use more than 3L, you will need to find a bigger plastic bottle or you can even use you big pail. The important part is to know the volume of the water (the diluent).

2. Creating the final Baja AB to be used for the plants

In the end the dilution will be this 2KG Baja AB (or in its liquid form 6L) will become 3200L solution of Baja AB.

In the equation you can see below, say that you have a 4L big mineral bottle. and you want to dilute it to use for growing your kangkung. You can take your 3L concentrated liquid of Baja A and Baja B, math the science out, and produce the final diluted form of Baja AB to be used to fillthe bigger tray underneath and then soak the seedling tray inside it!

That means, everytime you want to dilute it to use for you plants, doesnt matter what type, be it hydroponics, fertigation and traditional soil, you have to dilute it to the final diluted liquid form

The moderate to big size farmer will use several huge container right away to make 3200L as suggested in the photo

But for me, as i dont want to spend money to buy such a big expensive container, i just mix it to bcome a lot of small bottles of diluted Baja AB using all 1.5L bottles or bigger 4-4.5L mineral bottles

Getting more advance: Using EC meter

As you get more technical and more advance, such in the case that you are expanding to more variety types and growing your farm further, you have to be more objective in getting your plant need for fertilizer more accurate

Plant sure need the right amount of fertilizer, which are usually plant-specific, measured in the quantity of “EC”, or Electrical Conductivity.

As you can see when you mix Baja AB, it is actually a solution containing a lot of electrolytes, and these solution able to conduct electricity measured in its SI (standard international) units of “siemens”. Some meter will show 1.0,2.0 mS/cm, just basically it is “miliSiemens”, which is used in Hanna Instrument brand, or some meter will use 1000, 2000 uS/cm, which basically means “microSiemens”. both are same 1.0 mScm = 1000 uS/cm. Just a different way of expressing the unit either in mili or micro.

The higher the EC measurement means the more concentrated the liquid fertilizer, and the lower the EC measurement means your baja AB is too diluted

as you can see below, this is the equipment i use to measure EC level of the Baja AB that i mix

As you can see above, the first two picture is the EC Meter from Hanna Instrument brand that i recently bought at the price of RM 322 from, sound expensive isnt it? but it is absolutely important since im using it to measure accurately my big fertigation farm which uses 450L tank as u can see from the last picture.

I upgraded from the cheap, china brand EC meter coz the cheap meter brought me disaster episodes previously. From my experience, if you gonna go more advanced might as well buy this Groline tester from Hanna Instrument right away, rather than buy those cheap EC meter from Shoppee because, u might save more in terms of avoiding potential disaster, having peace of mind of accuracy and reliable meter and saving your time from having to deal with disasters due tofaulty EC meter

Here are the example of table showing different plant require different EC measurement (concentration of baja AB)

What about PPM? Is it better using PPM or EC?

When you start researching further, you might find materials, reading that shows reading of PPM (parts per million), and some farmer swore by using PPM. But after researching it myself, PPM meter will actually measure EC and then converted it using either 2 formula usually used to convert it to PPM reading. So, for me its better to use EC as it is the standardized measurement and recommended one

Anything else? What about PH of the solution

To put it simply, plant will only absorb the nutrient if the pH of the solution is within the plant optimum pH. if the pH too high or too low, it cant absorb the nutrient optimally. I bought pH meter of Hanna Instrument brand as well, rather than buying cheap china brand

If you are just starting, you can get away without measuring the pH because most of the time, the pH will be just about right most of the time but you absolutely need EC meter for expanding your farm.

if pH is too low, you can add potassium or calcium carbonate to increase it

if the pH is too high, you can flush your tank with more water, but doing this, your EC measurement may become lower, or you can add nitric acid (67%) or phosphoric acid (75%) or sulphuric acid (35%) to reduce it

Malaysia Liberica ‘Peaberry’


To get an idea of what you should be doing and recommended by the Ministry of Health of your own country is the best way to go about it. WHy not we have a look on the elegant & beautifully done Clinical Practice Guideline on Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease published by Ministry of Health Malaysia in 2017

WHY is there a need to really take care of our diet?

Why? Why? Why? Why do i want to spend time to write this? Because i love you all my readers, chia chia chia ~~~

If you suddenly have a Heart Attack episode, 33% chance that you will die even before reaching the hospital, and another 20% chance of dying in the hospital. Which put you on 53% odds of dying, like a flip of a coin. Surely a sad outcome and it will burden your spouse and your children.

Malaysia has a unique population, in which Heart Attack occur as early as 30 years old, and peak at 58.5 years of age. The age group with the highest person who get heart attack (myocardial infarction) is 51-60 years old. Malaysians get Heart attack younger & died younger compared to other ASEAN countries

From INTERHEART study, 5 factors, which are modifiable, abnormal lipids, hypertension, current smoking, diabetes and abdominal obesity contributed to about 80% of myocardial infarcts (MI) – Heart Attack.

As i have mentioned in previous postings before, White Rice, Carbohydrate consumption, Sugar Intake, excessive intake of food will lead to at least 4 out 5 modification of those factors i’ve written above. All these will lead to hypertension, abnormal lipids, and most importantly the serial killer diabetes mellitus and abdominal obesity!

To Summarize the Dietary advice by the MOH, here goes:

The #QuarterQuarterHalf plate recommendation of food portions consist of (25cm Plate size, VERY IMPORTANT)

STEP 1: Fill Half of the plate* being fruits and vegetables.

STEP 2: Fill Quarter of the plate* being protein- fish, poultry, meat and/or legumes.– Vegetarian protein better than Animal-based protein (Lancet study, havent posted this yet)– Any protein always better than more carbohydrates

STEP 3: Quarter of the plate* being carbohydrate – rice, noodles, bread, cereals and other cereal products and/or tubers– Wholegrain carbohydrates always preferred (MOH recommendation)– Prefer high Glycemic Index carbohydrates– Brown rice better than white rice (viswanathan mohan’s study)

STEP 4: Drinking plain water (instead of sugary drinks)

FATS: saturated or trans Fat or whatever fat is not included, it’s true you need it in small amounts, but usually we can’t really escaped it, it will be there in our foods and cooking, so dont be too worry about it

Additional 5 key recommendations

  1. Three regular healthy main meals everyday
  2. 1-2 servings of healthy snacks when necessary
  3. At least half of your grains from whole grains
  4. Non-fried & santan-free dishes everyday
  5. Home cooked foods more often.

Remember and Practice Daily: 88888

  • Stop eating before you are full (approximately 80%).
  • Have your dinner before 8 pm.
  • Drink 8 glasses of water.
  • Sleep 8 hours.
  • Walk at least 8000 steps a day (10,000 steps are better)

For all readers especially who are doctors, download the CPG, read and educate your circle of friends and practice it yourself.

Our occupation as a doctor, we already are stressful enough that will put us at higher risk for MI, dont let it become higher with not taking care of our diet.

CONCLUSION: Please continue eating however way you like, Eat whatever you want, Eat as much as you can, IF YOU WANT TO GET HEART ATTACK AND DIE YOUNGER


These are the photos of what i had practiced so far in terms of #Quarterquarterhalf #sukusukuseparuh


“Infinity Kangkung”

I've written this and posted it on my twitter account, but posted here again for matter of collection of all of my written everywhere in this cyber-universe

Here goes...


It's easy, it cost less than RM 100 to produce more than 50 rounds of vegetables & u dont need to water it everyday coz it is self-watering & change the liquid-fertilizer only once a month or every fortnight

The "Infinity Kangkung": Cost-Effective & Labour-Efficient Vegetables production

  • It's easy, you dont need to have "Green Finger" skill to do it
  • Cost-effective: most of the costs are only the upfront cost of less than RM 100
  • Almost infinity & Very productive: Can produce more than 50 rounds of vegetables
  • Labour-efficient :
    • Dont need to water it everyday coz it is self-watering
    • Only change the liquid-fertilizer only once a month or every fortnight

Step 1: Preparing the Equipment

1. Seedling Tray

It's important to choose the right size of the plastic seedling tray

The trick is to find seedling tray with medium sized hole, where you can fit all your fingers in. Too small your vegie wont grow big, too large u can't plant many vegetable at one go

The bottom of each tray slot must have a hole must have drain to absorb the liquid fertilizer from below

2. Multipurpose Tray

The trick is to buy large enough to contain several seedling tray inside it, for space saving and efficiency

This tray MUST have raised edges so that it can hold and contain considerable amount of the liquid fertilizer, the higher the better

3. Tanah Hitam Sawit / Black Soil

You can get this at your nearby agriculture shop, just ask tanah hitam sawit, if he ask campur (mix) or not, take the mix one. if he ask, just say want to tanam kangkung. get at least 1kg

4. Vegetables seed

Seeds. The most important. Your success depends on how easy or how hard to grow that vegetable. DIfferent plant has different difficulty level.

The highest success rate so far is Kangkung, and others that may be high rate of success include any types of sawi, pak choy, spinach. You can buy the seed which have brand name on them

There are several trick to increase success rate. First is to buy "F1" seed. it will be labelled on it, and the trick is sometimes  those branded ones sold in supermarket are having less success rate than those that you can in find agriculture shops, ask them Kangkung Seed in 1kg amount.

Yes just buy big bulk right away

im holding an 18kg of Kangkung seed

5. Liquid Fertilizer (Baja AB)

Central to many modern type of Gardening is this magical liquid fertilizer very commonly called Baja AB. It is so versatile it can be used to grow any kind of plant or vegetable. Only very few plants that you cant use Baja AB or not very responsive to it

Theres a lot of shop, and a lot of place you can buy this  "Baja AB".

Buy Baja AB meant for "Leafy" plants. Baja AB for leafy plants as the name implies is for plants which dont grow fruits.

I've a lot of experience using different brand.

I recommend Wellgrow seeds Baja AB at (they also have shop in Shoppee, i prefer shoppee coz its usually cheaper than their own website).

This 1kg for own use will last you an eternity, the prce is RM20, but u can get it on sale at RM15

Costing (actual cost in March 2020, pre MCO)

1. Tanah Hitam RM 28 (3kg) --this can differ widely 2. Tray RM 5 x 2
3. Large Tray RM 18
4. 1kg Kangkung Seed RM18
5. Baja AB Leafy  RM15
Total: RM 89

Let's Do This!  To Infinity & Beyond!!!

1. Seedling phase

Soak the seed in water for 4hours.

Fill tanah hitam in the seedling tray, not too tight not too little. just enough soil in each slot of tray

Make a dent in the center of the tanah with back of a pencil or with your pinky finger to about 1cm depth. put 1 seed kangkung in the hole & cover it. do it for all the seedling tray hole

Later when you are feeling more pro, can try put 2 seeds in 1 hole

after putting the seed in each hole, cover the seed back with its surrounding soil and slowly water all the tray hole using water spray

you can use pour the water method but be very gently and slowly as not to let it splatter and the soil to be destroyed and spill over, thats why many gardeners prefer using water sprayer to water it

Then, Cover the whole tray inside a black plastic sampah, and keep it inside somewhere warm in your house, behind fridge, in the store, the key point is dark & warm. dont open it for 72 hours. dont even take a peek

2. Growing phase


2.1 Mixing the Liquid Fertilizer

Mix Baja AB as recommended in the instruction given.

*** I have removed this part and made into a separat blog post to shorten this page. you can view it here

This step is super crucial. Dilute it wrong, your Kangkung may become yellow because of too diluted, or it can instantly die because of too concentrated


2.2  Growing it

Pour the diluted liquid fertilizer into the large tray. bring the seedling tray out from its hiding place and soak it inside the larger tray. bring them out to the edge of your house. ensure it has roof covering it while getting enough sunlight.

when its about > 1 feet tall, or to your liking, cut the stem as low as possible and let the kangkung regrow again from the cut stem up bcoz they can regrow once. when you harvest second time. the soil you used, flush it, dry it and reuse again

heavy rainfall can flood your tray and dilute the fertilizer further and damage your crops. so make sure enough protection while ensuring enough sunlight. change the fertilizer every month or if your kangkung colour starting to change to yellow or pale colour


Using this method way, you can grow indefinite amount of kangkung and im still growing up to a year from initial cost startup and i barely finish half of my baja AB. Any question or comment, feel free to write below!

Film Review: TENET (2020)

TENET (2020) FILM RATING : 5/5

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Another masterpiece delivered by my favourite director who usually writes his own movies, the one and only, the legendary Christopher Nolan. As usual Nolan brought us another new concept altogether, which challenges our mind to look at different possibilities that could happen with technology.

You love time travel movies? Wrong question! Who do not like time-travel movies? I can assure this is unlike your usual time-travel movies per se, its a new different concept altogether, but not exactly time travel. Oh well, you will understand once you go and watch this movies

With a central theme of “Saving The World” that Nolan used for his previous movies (Inception, Interstellar, Dark Knight, Dark Knight Rises), he brought us yet another beautiful piece of artwork, with excellent cinematography, engaing soundtrack during scenes, no apparent wasteful scenes, no kissing smooching nonsense whatsoever, its all packed into a 2.5 hours ride of your lifetime

Actions scenes, fights, car chase, bad guys and good guys are all there for the usual movie-goers who love action scenes, and there is also that genius, beautiful plot for those geeks nerds like me who just loves drooling allover this new concept put together by Nolan, thus i sum up, he pretty much cover all aspect from making damn good movies to just selling tickets and i expect it to go blockbuster even in this COVID times


SPOILER ALERT AHEAD: Thread with caution!

Ooops, go up, go up or close the window immediately if you dont want to read spoilers of the movies ahead… ok here we go

Theme: Save the World

Threat: Time-Inversion technology. Somewhere in the future some scientist figure out a way to invert the time for the whole world through some algorithm, powered by some nuclear power (high energy required), this powering part maybe i got it wrong, but nevertheless, this technolgy will cause the time to move backward, imagine you pressing “rewined” button on your old VHS, yeah its a bit like that. But for some reason this scientist realized that this technology will lead to destruction of the world, thus decided to send back this small device containing the algorithm for it way back in the past (in the movie it say the best place to hide is in the past, travel back thru time using the inversion machine)

Trigger: the apparent trigger for the “bomb” is in the life of a Russian Oligarch, a millionaire who made his wealth through illegal activities, armsdealer and dealing with evil people from the future. If he dies, the world goes just pooof, destroyed

Plot: The main protagonist in the movie is what they called, oh yeah…none other than “The Protagonist”, who was hired by an organization called “Tenet” is tasked to understand what is happening and at the same time figure out how to stop this. So he understood finally the Threat i wrote above, as well as the Trigger. Then decided to get near “Sator”, the Russian mob boss through his wife “Kat”. Somehow he felt soft for this lady “Kat” during the mission which jeopardize his mission at hand. He tried to save “Kat” by inverted themselve through time while trying to salvage one of the 9 algorithm for falling into Sator hands, which Sator requires to destroy the world. If Sator got hold of all algorithms, he can invert the whole world backward, and not only the people inside, which will collide the world moving forward and ultimately destroy the world

The Final Scene = The Climax: In order to save the world, Protagonist and his best friend Neil, worked with an army of 2 teams, both team travel backward in time to reach the point where the future scientist went back and hide the full algorithm in the first place. one team starts from the very beginning of time to revert back and use the normal time forward, while the other team continue to invert themselve from the endpoint to startinpoint of the whole process. Both team have exactly the same 10 minutes, but going against each other in term of chronology of time. The mission got complicated for Protagonist to retrieve the full algorithm, but Neil intervene and took a lot of risk by inverting and reverting multiple time first trying to warn Protagonis of tripwire that blasted the tunnel, and then helped neil to open the gate that lead him to be able to retrieve the algorithm item, and finally revert back to pull-up and save Protagonist, Ives and the important algorithm item back to the ground from the underground hole.

Sequel? Yes i think sequel will be there within 2-3 years time, as a whole lot of questions still hanging by the end of the movie. At the end, the head of the operation Ives, may or may not be the evil people but cocks his gun pointing towards Neil and Protagonist but then changes his mind right at the end and divided the algorithm into 3, Neil was given 3 parts, Protagonist got 3 and Ives got the last 3, but Neil turned back and gave protagnonist his 3 parts which the Protagonist end up with 6 parts of the algorithm. At the last scene we saw the Protagonist sort of having more confidence and can travel through time with ease….and killing the mumbai boss lady to save “Kat” and her son. By this point of time, based on what Neil said at the end. It looks like the whole operation was conducted by the Protagonist himself from different point of time moving forward and moving backward.

Final Comment: Fantastic, Fantastic, Fantastic movie by Christopher Nolan. Sequel or no sequel doesnt matter. As this is a masterpiece, unique on its own and will open up a lot of copycats movies directed by any other directors in the world.

Thank you Nolan for this beautiful gift!

So what do you think of TENET? give ur comment below, and correct my review of plots if im wrong

Here are some mor reading if you are into it:

TENET Mechanics Explained

TENET Plot Timeline Explained via Diagram

Some funny memes if you are a Nolan follower


1. Uruskan kewangan peribadi anda terlebih dahulu

  • Pastikan kewangan peribadi anda berada pada paras yang "Sihat"

  • Biasakan habit untuk menyimpan sedikit daripada gaji anda secara bulanan dan berdisiplin

  • Rekod pembelian dan perbelanjaan dan pastikan ianya terkawal

  • Pastikan hutang anda terurus dan berada pada paras yang sihat

    • Pastikan anda mempunyai sejumlah wang kecemasan (paling kurang 6 bulan jumlah perbelanjaan bulanan)

    • Baca buku, website, blog mengenai pengurusan kewangan peribadi, boleh google ada banyak di internet 

 2. Tetapkan sejumlah duit untuk pelaburan

  •  Pastikan duit yang anda mahu gunakan untuk pelaburan saham adalah sejumlah duit yang anda tidak akan gunakan atau tidak akan sentuh langsung untuk jangkamasa yang panjang, sekurang-kurangnya 1-2 tahun

  •  Pastikan ianya diperolehi daripada sumber yang halal (jangan rompak bank pulak....)

  •  JANGAN GUNAKAN duit EPF atau ASB atau Tabung Haji anda, kerana pelaburan saham adalah "High Risk Investment". Anda mungkin untung 10%, 20% atau 100% tetapi anda juga boleh rugi hampir kesemua duit anda sekaligus

  •  Jumlah yang bagus biasanya bermula daripada RM 10,000 dan ke atas

 3.Kenali diri anda terlebih dahulu

  • Anda kena kenal diri anda dulu sebelum memulakan atau memilih apa jenis pelaburan di bursa saham yang sesuai untuk diri anda

  • Adalah tidak wajar untuk berhenti kerja hakiki anda serta merta hanya untuk membuat trading/perdagangan saham yang dipelajari

  • Sesuaikan teknik pelaburan / perdagangan saham dengan situasi diri anda! Bukannya sesuaikan diri anda dengan teknik di dalam saham!

  • Antara contoh teknik atau jenis pelaburan atau perdagangan di bursa saham:

    1. Long term investor

      • Kena kuat belajar ilmu fundamental analysia, value investing, value-growth investment, valuation analysis dan lain lain lagi

      • Jarang2 boleh monitor saham, kekadang seminggu tak dapat monitor langsung

    2. Swing Trader (short to medium term)

      • Boleh Monitor setiap hari tapi mungkin x dpt monitor sewaktu trading hours 9am to 5pm

      • Holding period from days to weeks

      • Kena belajar dan mahir Technical Analysis dan sedikit sebanyak Fundamental Analysis

    3. Intraday Trader

      • Boleh monitor sepanjang masa waktu trading hours dan sanggup belajar teknik intraday dan Technical analysis.

  • Kesimpulannya:

    • Walaupun kita tahu kita punyai banyak masa dan mampu monitor stock market semasa trading hours, tak semestinya kita sesuai dengan Day Trading or Fast/Short term trading, kadang-kadang apabila lebih mengenali diri sendiri, kita lebih sesuai dengan long term investing

    • Mungkin kita rasa kita tak dapat sabar tahan lama dan rasa tak tenang untuk pegang sesuatu saham terlalu lama, mungkin langkah lebih baik untuk menjadi seorang trader yang melakukan transaksi jual beli yang kerap untuk mendapatkan keuntungan

    • Bergantung kepada diri sendiri, sesuaikanlah stock market kepada diri kita bukan diri kita kepada stock market!


It's important to aim for wealth, but we gotta take are of our health when achieving wealth... thus its better to have a healthy wealth rather than wealth alone

4. Bekalkan diri anda dengan ilmu tentang pelaburan

  • Ilmu saham ni banyak cabang tapi senang untuk kita lihat daripada tiga bahagian
    1. Basic Knowledge of Stock Market Investment
    2. Fundamental Analysis
    3. Technical Analysis
  • Sumber ilmu boleh cari daripada banyak buku yang sudah diterbitkan, sama ada daripada author dalam negara mahupun luar negara
  • Banyak juga sifu sifu saham yang membuat kelas tetapi hati hati agar tidak membayar untuk kelas yang terlalu mahal

5. Buka akaun saham CDS di Bursa Malaysia

  • Untuk memulakan pelaburan di Bursa Saham, anda haruslah membuka akaun "CDS" untuk membeli saham
  • CDS adalah Central Depository System account di syarikat Bursa Malaysia di mana akaun ini adalah digunakan untuk menyimpan saham saham yang anda beli (macam satu wallet untuk simpan saham)
  • Manakala Trust account adalah akaun yang menyimpan duit yang dibuat dengan mana mana broking firm di Malaysia seperti Mplus, Rakuten, Maybank, CIMB dan sebagainya