“Infinity Kangkung”

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It's easy, it cost less than RM 100 to produce more than 50 rounds of vegetables & u dont need to water it everyday coz it is self-watering & change the liquid-fertilizer only once a month or every fortnight

The "Infinity Kangkung": Cost-Effective & Labour-Efficient Vegetables production

  • It's easy, you dont need to have "Green Finger" skill to do it
  • Cost-effective: most of the costs are only the upfront cost of less than RM 100
  • Almost infinity & Very productive: Can produce more than 50 rounds of vegetables
  • Labour-efficient :
    • Dont need to water it everyday coz it is self-watering
    • Only change the liquid-fertilizer only once a month or every fortnight

Step 1: Preparing the Equipment

1. Seedling Tray

It's important to choose the right size of the plastic seedling tray

The trick is to find seedling tray with medium sized hole, where you can fit all your fingers in. Too small your vegie wont grow big, too large u can't plant many vegetable at one go

The bottom of each tray slot must have a hole must have drain to absorb the liquid fertilizer from below

2. Multipurpose Tray

The trick is to buy large enough to contain several seedling tray inside it, for space saving and efficiency

This tray MUST have raised edges so that it can hold and contain considerable amount of the liquid fertilizer, the higher the better

3. Tanah Hitam Sawit / Black Soil

You can get this at your nearby agriculture shop, just ask tanah hitam sawit, if he ask campur (mix) or not, take the mix one. if he ask, just say want to tanam kangkung. get at least 1kg

4. Vegetables seed

Seeds. The most important. Your success depends on how easy or how hard to grow that vegetable. DIfferent plant has different difficulty level.

The highest success rate so far is Kangkung, and others that may be high rate of success include any types of sawi, pak choy, spinach. You can buy the seed which have brand name on them

There are several trick to increase success rate. First is to buy "F1" seed. it will be labelled on it, and the trick is sometimes  those branded ones sold in supermarket are having less success rate than those that you can in find agriculture shops, ask them Kangkung Seed in 1kg amount.

Yes just buy big bulk right away

im holding an 18kg of Kangkung seed

5. Liquid Fertilizer (Baja AB)

Central to many modern type of Gardening is this magical liquid fertilizer very commonly called Baja AB. It is so versatile it can be used to grow any kind of plant or vegetable. Only very few plants that you cant use Baja AB or not very responsive to it

Theres a lot of shop, and a lot of place you can buy this  "Baja AB".

Buy Baja AB meant for "Leafy" plants. Baja AB for leafy plants as the name implies is for plants which dont grow fruits.

I've a lot of experience using different brand.

I recommend Wellgrow seeds Baja AB at wellgrowseeds.com (they also have shop in Shoppee, i prefer shoppee coz its usually cheaper than their own website).

This 1kg for own use will last you an eternity, the prce is RM20, but u can get it on sale at RM15

Costing (actual cost in March 2020, pre MCO)

1. Tanah Hitam RM 28 (3kg) --this can differ widely 2. Tray RM 5 x 2
3. Large Tray RM 18
4. 1kg Kangkung Seed RM18
5. Baja AB Leafy  RM15
Total: RM 89

Let's Do This!  To Infinity & Beyond!!!

1. Seedling phase

Soak the seed in water for 4hours.

Fill tanah hitam in the seedling tray, not too tight not too little. just enough soil in each slot of tray

Make a dent in the center of the tanah with back of a pencil or with your pinky finger to about 1cm depth. put 1 seed kangkung in the hole & cover it. do it for all the seedling tray hole

Later when you are feeling more pro, can try put 2 seeds in 1 hole

after putting the seed in each hole, cover the seed back with its surrounding soil and slowly water all the tray hole using water spray

you can use pour the water method but be very gently and slowly as not to let it splatter and the soil to be destroyed and spill over, thats why many gardeners prefer using water sprayer to water it

Then, Cover the whole tray inside a black plastic sampah, and keep it inside somewhere warm in your house, behind fridge, in the store, the key point is dark & warm. dont open it for 72 hours. dont even take a peek

2. Growing phase


2.1 Mixing the Liquid Fertilizer

Mix Baja AB as recommended in the instruction given.

*** I have removed this part and made into a separat blog post to shorten this page. you can view it here https://doktorjb.com/2020/09/02/mixing-baja-ab/

This step is super crucial. Dilute it wrong, your Kangkung may become yellow because of too diluted, or it can instantly die because of too concentrated


2.2  Growing it

Pour the diluted liquid fertilizer into the large tray. bring the seedling tray out from its hiding place and soak it inside the larger tray. bring them out to the edge of your house. ensure it has roof covering it while getting enough sunlight.

when its about > 1 feet tall, or to your liking, cut the stem as low as possible and let the kangkung regrow again from the cut stem up bcoz they can regrow once. when you harvest second time. the soil you used, flush it, dry it and reuse again

heavy rainfall can flood your tray and dilute the fertilizer further and damage your crops. so make sure enough protection while ensuring enough sunlight. change the fertilizer every month or if your kangkung colour starting to change to yellow or pale colour


Using this method way, you can grow indefinite amount of kangkung and im still growing up to a year from initial cost startup and i barely finish half of my baja AB. Any question or comment, feel free to write below!

Dr.JB is an Anaesthesiologist working in Kota Kinabalu. Passionate about a lot of thing powered via regular consumption of coffee. All posts in this blog are mere opinion and does not represent any institutions including his workplace

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