To get an idea of what you should be doing and recommended by the Ministry of Health of your own country is the best way to go about it. WHy not we have a look on the elegant & beautifully done Clinical Practice Guideline on Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease published by Ministry of Health Malaysia in 2017

WHY is there a need to really take care of our diet?

Why? Why? Why? Why do i want to spend time to write this? Because i love you all my readers, chia chia chia ~~~

If you suddenly have a Heart Attack episode, 33% chance that you will die even before reaching the hospital, and another 20% chance of dying in the hospital. Which put you on 53% odds of dying, like a flip of a coin. Surely a sad outcome and it will burden your spouse and your children.

Malaysia has a unique population, in which Heart Attack occur as early as 30 years old, and peak at 58.5 years of age. The age group with the highest person who get heart attack (myocardial infarction) is 51-60 years old. Malaysians get Heart attack younger & died younger compared to other ASEAN countries

From INTERHEART study, 5 factors, which are modifiable, abnormal lipids, hypertension, current smoking, diabetes and abdominal obesity contributed to about 80% of myocardial infarcts (MI) – Heart Attack.

As i have mentioned in previous postings before, White Rice, Carbohydrate consumption, Sugar Intake, excessive intake of food will lead to at least 4 out 5 modification of those factors i’ve written above. All these will lead to hypertension, abnormal lipids, and most importantly the serial killer diabetes mellitus and abdominal obesity!

To Summarize the Dietary advice by the MOH, here goes:

The #QuarterQuarterHalf plate recommendation of food portions consist of (25cm Plate size, VERY IMPORTANT)

STEP 1: Fill Half of the plate* being fruits and vegetables.

STEP 2: Fill Quarter of the plate* being protein- fish, poultry, meat and/or legumes.– Vegetarian protein better than Animal-based protein (Lancet study, havent posted this yet)– Any protein always better than more carbohydrates

STEP 3: Quarter of the plate* being carbohydrate – rice, noodles, bread, cereals and other cereal products and/or tubers– Wholegrain carbohydrates always preferred (MOH recommendation)– Prefer high Glycemic Index carbohydrates– Brown rice better than white rice (viswanathan mohan’s study)

STEP 4: Drinking plain water (instead of sugary drinks)

FATS: saturated or trans Fat or whatever fat is not included, it’s true you need it in small amounts, but usually we can’t really escaped it, it will be there in our foods and cooking, so dont be too worry about it

Additional 5 key recommendations

  1. Three regular healthy main meals everyday
  2. 1-2 servings of healthy snacks when necessary
  3. At least half of your grains from whole grains
  4. Non-fried & santan-free dishes everyday
  5. Home cooked foods more often.

Remember and Practice Daily: 88888

  • Stop eating before you are full (approximately 80%).
  • Have your dinner before 8 pm.
  • Drink 8 glasses of water.
  • Sleep 8 hours.
  • Walk at least 8000 steps a day (10,000 steps are better)

For all readers especially who are doctors, download the CPG, read and educate your circle of friends and practice it yourself.

Our occupation as a doctor, we already are stressful enough that will put us at higher risk for MI, dont let it become higher with not taking care of our diet.

CONCLUSION: Please continue eating however way you like, Eat whatever you want, Eat as much as you can, IF YOU WANT TO GET HEART ATTACK AND DIE YOUNGER


These are the photos of what i had practiced so far in terms of #Quarterquarterhalf #sukusukuseparuh