We know that Combined Diet & Exercise is the right way to go, but what does the scientific evidence say?

In 2015, David Johns published a Meta Analysis of a Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) in the Journal of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and this particular research have been cited many times over and over again.
For those of you who dont know, Meta Analysis of RCT is basically one of the highest level of scientific evidence we have in terms of biomedical population based research.
Simply means damn good scientific evidence
It focuses on which one is the best at losing weight alone; Diet / Exercise / Combined.
A total of 1300+ participants with average BMI of 35 in the meta-analysis
In short, they found out that COMBINED diet & exercise ; Body Weight Management Program (BWMP) is the best at long term weight reduction at 12 month period and above

Controlling your diet is really, really important

However, When you look closely at the RCTs included and the analysis done, you will realized that DIET is the most important aspect, because
Combined (BWMP) versus DIET only has the SAME effect of weight reduction at 3-6 months time period
This means that, if you control your diet only, or if you do both diet and exercise, you may achieve almost similar result
When looking at longer term, 12 months or more, thats when adding exercise to diet found to be SLIGHTLY beneficial to cause more weight loss compared to DIET ALONE

It is pointless to Exercise ONLY without controlling your Diet (to lose weight)

If you only Exercise and not controlling your diet intake, your weight reduction will not be as good as if you COMBO both control diet & Exercise
This has been shown that when you COMBO diet+exercise, you will reduce your weight 6 Times (yes 6x !!) more at both short and long term compared to when you are exercising alone!
Thus just by Exercising alone and not cutting down your daily calorie intake, will not bring your weight down fast & sustainable enough

It seems that Exercise alone is pointless but Exercise IS VERY IMPORTANT

Although Exercise is not effective at weight reduction BUT it is THE MOST IMPORTANT to build & maintain your cardiorespiratory fitness to reduce your risk of diseases/illness
Dont have False Assurance of being healthy just because your BMI is NORMAL!
Even if you are KURUS(thin) with NORMAL BMI, You are at risk of diseases/illness if you dont take care of your DIET and Dont Exercise

The Conclusion

Conclusion is, It is pointless to do exercises without controlling your diet since scientifically it have been proven that Controlling Diet is the most important aspect in LOSING WEIGHT.
It will be even better if you are adding exercises regime to your diet control.
sure DIET can reduce your weight effectively, but a much better way is to transform you LIFESTYLE altogether & that will involve a DEEP change of mindset of everything you see, smell, taste and perceive!
One of the biggest problem in losing weight is the rebound weight gain after certain time and those close to me surely know i have that problem before and i intend to maintain my newly changed lifestyle FOR EVER starting NOW.