Film Review: TENET (2020)

TENET (2020) FILM RATING : 5/5

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Another masterpiece delivered by my favourite director who usually writes his own movies, the one and only, the legendary Christopher Nolan. As usual Nolan brought us another new concept altogether, which challenges our mind to look at different possibilities that could happen with technology.

You love time travel movies? Wrong question! Who do not like time-travel movies? I can assure this is unlike your usual time-travel movies per se, its a new different concept altogether, but not exactly time travel. Oh well, you will understand once you go and watch this movies

With a central theme of “Saving The World” that Nolan used for his previous movies (Inception, Interstellar, Dark Knight, Dark Knight Rises), he brought us yet another beautiful piece of artwork, with excellent cinematography, engaing soundtrack during scenes, no apparent wasteful scenes, no kissing smooching nonsense whatsoever, its all packed into a 2.5 hours ride of your lifetime

Actions scenes, fights, car chase, bad guys and good guys are all there for the usual movie-goers who love action scenes, and there is also that genius, beautiful plot for those geeks nerds like me who just loves drooling allover this new concept put together by Nolan, thus i sum up, he pretty much cover all aspect from making damn good movies to just selling tickets and i expect it to go blockbuster even in this COVID times


SPOILER ALERT AHEAD: Thread with caution!

Ooops, go up, go up or close the window immediately if you dont want to read spoilers of the movies ahead… ok here we go

Theme: Save the World

Threat: Time-Inversion technology. Somewhere in the future some scientist figure out a way to invert the time for the whole world through some algorithm, powered by some nuclear power (high energy required), this powering part maybe i got it wrong, but nevertheless, this technolgy will cause the time to move backward, imagine you pressing “rewined” button on your old VHS, yeah its a bit like that. But for some reason this scientist realized that this technology will lead to destruction of the world, thus decided to send back this small device containing the algorithm for it way back in the past (in the movie it say the best place to hide is in the past, travel back thru time using the inversion machine)

Trigger: the apparent trigger for the “bomb” is in the life of a Russian Oligarch, a millionaire who made his wealth through illegal activities, armsdealer and dealing with evil people from the future. If he dies, the world goes just pooof, destroyed

Plot: The main protagonist in the movie is what they called, oh yeah…none other than “The Protagonist”, who was hired by an organization called “Tenet” is tasked to understand what is happening and at the same time figure out how to stop this. So he understood finally the Threat i wrote above, as well as the Trigger. Then decided to get near “Sator”, the Russian mob boss through his wife “Kat”. Somehow he felt soft for this lady “Kat” during the mission which jeopardize his mission at hand. He tried to save “Kat” by inverted themselve through time while trying to salvage one of the 9 algorithm for falling into Sator hands, which Sator requires to destroy the world. If Sator got hold of all algorithms, he can invert the whole world backward, and not only the people inside, which will collide the world moving forward and ultimately destroy the world

The Final Scene = The Climax: In order to save the world, Protagonist and his best friend Neil, worked with an army of 2 teams, both team travel backward in time to reach the point where the future scientist went back and hide the full algorithm in the first place. one team starts from the very beginning of time to revert back and use the normal time forward, while the other team continue to invert themselve from the endpoint to startinpoint of the whole process. Both team have exactly the same 10 minutes, but going against each other in term of chronology of time. The mission got complicated for Protagonist to retrieve the full algorithm, but Neil intervene and took a lot of risk by inverting and reverting multiple time first trying to warn Protagonis of tripwire that blasted the tunnel, and then helped neil to open the gate that lead him to be able to retrieve the algorithm item, and finally revert back to pull-up and save Protagonist, Ives and the important algorithm item back to the ground from the underground hole.

Sequel? Yes i think sequel will be there within 2-3 years time, as a whole lot of questions still hanging by the end of the movie. At the end, the head of the operation Ives, may or may not be the evil people but cocks his gun pointing towards Neil and Protagonist but then changes his mind right at the end and divided the algorithm into 3, Neil was given 3 parts, Protagonist got 3 and Ives got the last 3, but Neil turned back and gave protagnonist his 3 parts which the Protagonist end up with 6 parts of the algorithm. At the last scene we saw the Protagonist sort of having more confidence and can travel through time with ease….and killing the mumbai boss lady to save “Kat” and her son. By this point of time, based on what Neil said at the end. It looks like the whole operation was conducted by the Protagonist himself from different point of time moving forward and moving backward.

Final Comment: Fantastic, Fantastic, Fantastic movie by Christopher Nolan. Sequel or no sequel doesnt matter. As this is a masterpiece, unique on its own and will open up a lot of copycats movies directed by any other directors in the world.

Thank you Nolan for this beautiful gift!

So what do you think of TENET? give ur comment below, and correct my review of plots if im wrong

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